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"I am not a pessimist. I am deeply convinced the cause of Bulgaria is not lost and would like to inhale in you the same faith, to lift up your hearts, to give you a little bit of my optimism, because optimism is a source of faith and energy, and the Bulgarian people need both in the present moment so to stand, hope and act…"

"Running the risk to be considered an old-fashioned politician I keep deep faith in democracy, in national democracy and parliamentarism. And my greatest faith originates from one thing - that it is a regime that is heeled by itself, that is has all the flexibility, all the adaptability to respond to the most varied and variable needs of a people. All other regimes have something heavy in them and end with a catastrophe."

"We should be European, if we feel we need Europe. If we think we are all-powerful, we can kick way, so to say this help, we can settle this problem ourselves, then we can be whatever we want - Asian, Balkan, etc. people. It is hardly like that there are two decent people in Bulgaria to cherish illusions that we can settle any matter through our own efforts. Whichever of our problems will be settled through the consent of the European states. But to gain their consent we should consider the psychology of these people. We have to be right in front of their conscience and therefore we have to avoid diligently everything that discredits us".

" We follow the path of the organized democracy which shall be democracy in economy, policy and social life, as these three types of democracy constitute the three branches of one and the same tree with a common stem. It is this democracy that we serve to and we appeal to you, the young people to serve this kind of democracy as well"



To preserve the Atanas Burov's ideas of establishing a ruled by the principles of democracy Bulgarian state with prospering economy based on modern financial system and free flow of capitals and to deliver them to the young generation


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